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Our Story

We are a real estate investment firm positioned to deliver a cutting edge and competitive real estate solutions to our valued clients. We engage in real estate development, brokerage, and management. We offer good and flexible payment plans for all our products and services. Our client includes individuals, co-operative societies, Government institutions, and Companies

We are one of the largest independent property management company in the marketplace, providing the most sophisticated property solutions for all types of investors.
Our strength stems from our over-riding commitment to work in partnership with our clients. Clients’ expectations and satisfaction is paramount to and undoubtedly the reason why we are the industry leader in real estate development and management.

Our proven track record ensures that Clients receive value for money in the services we provide. We at West Palm Real Estate Investment Limited® handle all services with a very high level of professionalism, as client satisfaction is our topmost priority, and at no extra or hidden charges.

West Palm is Nigeria’s most comprehensive real estate website.  We connect property agents and property owners with active listing plans to prospective clients directly. Founded in January, 2010, West Palm has a fast growing database of properties for sale and rent and a wide range of users in Nigeria.

We help our users find properties in their desired locations within reasonable budgets. We also connect real estate agents and property sellers to millions of buyers through our user friendly platform. West Palm does not charge users an agency fee for any kind of transaction. We connect property agents and property owners with active listing plans to prospective clients directly.

Transparency and efficiency are very important to us at West Palm and everything we do is aimed at making the real estate market more efficient both for property agents and people seeking properties to rent or buy.

Our range of professional services cut across the following: Valuation of Properties and Assets for a Variety of Purposes including Rating, Mortgage, Insurance, Compensation, Accounting/Financial Reports, Privatization, Rental or Sale/Purchase, Market Capitalization, Merger/Acquisition, etc.

Our Mission

West Palm is a team of experienced and creative professionals dedicated to comprehensive real estate development and asset management. Our mission is to provide superior business environments for our clients.

Our Vission

To utilize international best practices in market analysis, concept, design, and project management at the end to end development of the real estate and deliver superior financial returns to our investment partners.

Our Goal

To bridge the gap between property owners or housing agents and customers by creating a platform for direct contact between these agents or property owners and their target market in Nigeria. 

Our Executives

Our Executive team are distinguished professionals in the industry. They are made up of seasoned professionals within the national and international markets.

Harry Onyi Egwu


Agwu Nnachi

Managing Director

Cecilia Samuel Alaeze

Senior Secretary

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